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If you are looking for an apartment or roommates (or if you have an apartment/share you would like to post), email us to join the housing list. We also keep a running list of apartments available within the YSM community.


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Housing in New Haven is abundant and affordable. It’s easy to find a nice apartment in a great neighborhood within walking distance to the School of Music, or on the free shuttle route. Some students choose to live in graduate dorms, and others choose to rent apartments on or off campus.

For general information on graduate housing options, start with the Yale Graduate Housing Office. If you decide to live in a graduate dorm, most YSM students choose Helen Hadley Hall or the Hall of Graduate Studies. Both are within a 5 minute walk to the School of Music.

For off-campus housing options, visit University Properties. Yale also maintains an Off-campus Housing Database that does not require a Yale ID to access. Other helpful sites for apartments and shares include, which is run out of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, and Craigslist.

Most YSM students who live off campus live downtown (very easy walking distance) or in East Rock (easy walking distance — 10–25 minutes — and it’s right on the free Yale Shuttle line). To learn more about the neighborhoods of New Haven, see here.