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Record It.

The Fred Plaut Recording Studio, a suite of world-class professional studios on the first floor in Sprague Hall, provides recording services to the faculty and students at the School of Music. The studio is directed by Eugene Kimball, a sound engineer and a member of the faculty as Lecturer in Sound Recording.

The studios are connected via analog and digital fiber optics to Woolsey Hall (2,700 seats), Battell Chapel (1,000 seats), Sudler Hall (200 seats), and the studio’s primary recording space, Morse Recital Hall in Sprague Hall (670 seats). Morse Recital Hall is a sound proof, air‐conditioned, noise-free space used for most of our recording sessions.

The studio provides the following services: recital and concert recording, audition and competition recordings, commercial compact disc recordings, and broadcast streaming and netcasts. The studio equipment includes analog equipment: DPA and Neuman microphones; Grace, Millennia, and classic Rupert Neve microphone preamplifiers; classic Rupert Neve discrete mixing consoles; B&W and Tannoy speakers), and the latest in digital processors: (Prism Sound, Apogee Digital, iZ Technology Corporation (Radar), Benchmark, Tascam).

The studios are Macintosh-based and use Sonic Studio for editing and mastering.