University of Miami professor calls for commitment to social justice
Abril, citing history of discussions about the value of music education, warns against naïveté

Head of music-ed in Philadelphia’s schools is circumspect about work
Machos describes Symposium participants as "thought leaders," "disrupters"

Policy expert points out that inequities in music education reflect society at large
Blakeslee asks, rhetorically, "What are we going to do to make [change] really happen?"

Symposium participant Tarik Ward calls music “the cultural equalizer”
“If you tell me your zip code, I can tell you your life story,” Ward says of the "story of inequity"

Symposium participant Lara Davis talks intersectionality
Conversation about music education in city schools is part of a larger discussion about “the inequities that are running rampant across public education," Davis says
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