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Boris Berman conducts video conference master class with students in Australia

November 4, 2010

Boris Berman has given master classes all over the world. But his October 28 master class with students at the University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, was different. Berman sat at the piano in the Center for Studies in Music Technology (CSMT) at the Yale School of music, while the students were at the UQ Centre for Educational Innovation and Technology.

The master class participants, Michael Bradshaw and Oliver She, are students of Liam Viney (’02MM, ’03MMA, ’07DMA), a graduate of the Yale School of Music who studied with Berman. “It was as good as having Berman in the room,” said Viney. Bradshaw commented, “There was enough of a feeling of immediate contact with Professor Berman that most of the time I forgot that I was working with someone across the globe.”

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