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Gig List Relaunches

December 19, 2011

The School of Music is pleased to announce the official re-launch of the gig list and community lessons list. Visit:


Members of the community:

Have you been wondering how to hire a string quartet for your wedding, or where you might find a piano teacher or trombone instructor?

To make an inquiry about hiring student musicians, please fill out this form.

To inquire about taking lessons from a Yale School of Music student, visit this page.


If you’d like to receive inquiries about gigs and/or lessons, sign up HERE. You can sign up at any time.

Please remember that you will not hear about gig or lessons requests if you do not register. Registration is not a commitment to take any specific gigs; it’s just expressing your interest in hearing about them. If you are at all interested in hearing about gig/lessons requests, please do register!

Once you have registered, you will start receiving requests via email as they come in.