The role of technology in the field of classical music

By Astrid Baumgardner, coordinator of career strategies
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This week, I had the privilege of moderating a panel at the Yale School of Music on the Role of Technology and its impact on the field of classical music. Our three speakers contributed their unique perspectives on the impact of technology on the dissemination and promotion of classical music:

Greg Anderson, a Yale School of Music graduate and one half of the technologically and musically innovative Anderson & Roe Piano Duo, who were pioneers in using YouTube and other social media to connect with their growing fan base;

Anya Grundmann, Executive Producer of NPR Music, who champions classical music on NPR’s internet radio platforms through a variety of innovative, award-winning programs; and

Jessica Lustig, Managing Director and Founding Partner of 21C Media Group, a leading PR, marketing, and consulting group specializing in classical music and the performing arts. Lustig was the project architect of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra concert last March that attracted nearly 34 million viewers on-line and through mobile devices. MORE

Published February 10, 2012
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