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New York Times: Near Yale, a District Blooms

New York Times
By Lionel Beehner

Tucked amid New Haven’s gritty downtown not far from the well-groomed Yale campus lies the Ninth Square, a district of old red-brick buildings whose storefronts sat mostly vacant for decades. But that has changed in recent years. The opening last year of a sprawling organic food store, Elm City Market (, announced the area’s rebirth, with an assist from an urban-renewal city initiative that has converted empty spaces into artsy businesses called Project Storefronts. A wave of new art galleries, trendy boutiques and Brooklyn-style lofts stuffed with architects and social media types has followed. “We have so many like-minded people with a do-something attitude that want to collaborate in a shared space,” said Ben Berkowitz, a founding member of MakeHaven…

The same might be said of the Ninth Square at large.