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Artist Preston Trombly creates mixed-media collages

Times Ledger
By Allison Plitt

When one looks at any of Preston Trombly’s mixed-media collages from his “Sonatas” series, one gets the idea the artist had a very frustrating piano lesson, broke apart the piano with a hammer and then decided to put the parts of the instrument back together in an undefinable collection of bits and pieces.

In more professional terms, Trombly, who has a studio and displays his works at Diego Salazar Art Studios & Gallery 21-25 44th Ave. in Long Island City, is actually using a creative process called assemblage which consists of creating multi-dimensional compositions by putting together found objects. MORE

Published June 3, 2013
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Symposium on Music in Schools takes place this week

Event Focuses on the Role of Music in School Reform

Anne Midgette, keynote speaker

Anne Midgette ’86BA, keynote speaker

The Yale School of Music is proud to host the fourth Symposium on Music in Schools, honoring public school music educators from across the country, this week. Supported by the Yale College Class of 1957, the biennial Symposium is a core program of the Music in Schools Initiative with a national scope.

From a pool of nearly 300 nominees representing 45 states, a panel of music professionals from YSM and NHPS selected this year’s 50 Distinguished Music Educators. The selected educators hail from 32 different states. These music teachers will travel to New Haven, all expenses paid, to attend the four-day symposium.

Workshops and discussions at this year’s symposium will focus around one main theme: The Role of Music in School Reform. The issue of school reform is a potent topic throughout the country. School districts are having ongoing discussions about what young students should be learning. Often in recent years, music teachers have had to fight to keep their programs off the chopping block. This year’s Symposium aims to bring attention to the very integral role music can play in school reform.

The four-day event will open with a workshop MORE

Published June 3, 2013
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