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New Concert Video: “Frau Trude”

October 24, 2013

Check out this new concert video of “Frau Trude,” a 10-minute opera by composition student Daniel Schlosberg ’14MMA.

Adapted from the Grimm fairy tale of the same name, the opera tells the story of a witch named Frau Trude, who turns naughty children into logs for her fire.  The opera was performed on October 3rd in Sprague Hall as part of YSM’s New Music New Haven concert series.



WOW! Fantastic! hope you are well into the next one, Dan! What an impressive ensemble and production.

October 25th, 2013 | Susan Kander

Go Dan! More, please!! Fantastic score and brilliant performing colleagues.

October 26th, 2013 | Tony Piccolo