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Acclaimed Brentano Quartet plays Sunset Center

Brentano Quartet, Yale Artists in Residence
November 5, 2013

Brentano Quartet by christian steinerMonterey Herald
By Barbara Rose Shuler

It’s November and the classical season is under full sail. Carmel Music Society’s Anne Thorpe just forwarded a fun announcement by the agent of the Brentano Quartet.

The quartet, which will be appearing this week at the Sunset Center in Carmel, just got a terrific new position. I’ll let their agent, David Rowe, tell you:

“Of all announcements it has been my pleasure to convey over many years, today’s ranks at the very top of the list: to get right to the point, the Brentano Quartet has been appointed Artists in Residence at Yale University, beginning in July 2014!

“In this capacity they will succeed one of the most distinguished and respected ensembles of the past 40 years, the … uh … gosh, who was it … oh yeah, the Tokyo Quartet. Big shoes to fill, but the Brentano are definitely up to the task, and I am sure will put their own stamp on the Yale community for many glorious years!