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Interview with organist Paul Jacobs

pauljacobsSan Francisco Piano Examiner
By Elijah Ho

Paul Jacobs is the current Chair of the Organ department at the Juilliard School. In 2003, the Curtis and Yale alumnus was appointed a member of faculty at the age of 26. A Naxos recording of Messiaen’s ‘Livre du Saint Sacrement’ was awarded ‘Best Solo Instrumental Grammy of the Year’ in 2011, making Jacobs the first organ soloist to win a Grammy. This afternoon at Davies Symphony Hall, he offers a solo recital of works by Bach, Mozart, Guilmant, and Reger. Below is a transcript of our recent San Francisco conversation with the brilliant organist, Paul Jacobs.

EH: The organ has such a long and rich history. So many of the great composers of the past composed for it and knew it intimately. What happened to the organ and its incredibe traditions ?

Jacobs: Some organists lost sight of the point of music-making, which is to stir the soul — or, at the very least, to entertain. MORE

Published February 16, 2014
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