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Grammy winner Virginia Warnkenreflects on win

Virginia Warnken '13 MM, member of Roomful of Teeth
February 25, 2014

The Times-Picayune 
By Kara Martinez Bachman

At the recent Grammy Awards, Roomful of Teeth mezzo-soprano Virginia Warnken waved discreetly to her mother. Her mom saw it, and anyone watching that portion of the awards – untelevised but available on desktop or laptop – may have seen it, not knowing the wave was intended for someone special.

“The classical side of the Grammys is not something that’s paid much attention to,” Warnken said, noting that awards for classical music, along with technical and other less popular awards, often are not included in the network broadcast.

Her mother, Elizabeth Bernard, back in Louisiana was absolutely paying attention.

“We went to Lafayette, to my parents’ house,” said Bernard, a Covington resident. “We all gathered around to watch the live streaming.” Warnken had told Bernard she would give an on-camera signal that was understood just between them.