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Workshop discusses financial management for musicians and artists March 4

The office of career strategies will present another workshop on financial management for musicians and artists this Tuesday, March 4. The workshop, which takes place at 4:30 pm in Hendrie 205, is open to all YSM students and staff members. It is sponsored by the Yale Undergraduate Career Services Office.

The workshop will address the following questions:

  • Wondering how to earn money as a musician or artist once you leave Yale?
  • Wish you knew how to create a budget?
  • Need some tips on how to rein in your spending, avoid debt and start saving for your future? MORE
Published February 28, 2014
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Grunge Meets Classical: Gleb Kanasevich ’13 MM

New Haven Independent
By Lucy Gellman

Gleb Kanasevich is a man of many talents. The extraordinary clarinet player of the local group Cantata Profana, he is also the master organizer of an exciting and ambitious new CD, Refractions Vol. 2. A collaborative venture that fuses referential strains of electronic, industrial, grind, grunge and more, the CD offers a glimpse into the lives of several Yale-trained musicians after Yale, and a pursuit that has reunited them.

Refractions Vol. 1 was more concert-art oriented.” Kanasevich explained in a recent interview about the new CD. “I think this one … I don’t want to call it crossover, but maybe more referential. And more modern because of the surplus of information, of art, of different styles of music that we have right now. It’s really fun to have pieces that are referential to things we hear.” MORE

Published February 28, 2014
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