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Yale’s Glee Club Makes Cultural Exchange Sing

March 13, 2014
New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD TV)
The Yale Glee Club Chorus performed Thursday (March 13) in Havana for an enthusiastic crowd.On the island for a second time to perform thanks to a cultural program that encourages artistic exchanges between the United States and Cuba, choral director Jeffrey Douma was excited to hear how his chorus sounded singing inside one of Havana’s oldest churches, the Church of the Convent of Saint Francis.

“When I go back home and I continue to work on this repertoire with my choirs I hope that I will have a closer understanding to what this music really should sound like. I certainly have a better understanding of the spirit behind it and the rhythm and the energy and the life.” said Douma prior to the concert.

“Music, the arts in general, build bridges. It doesn’t matter what side (you are on) they build bridges,” said Digna Guerra, the Director of the Cuban Chorus.

Cuba’s chorus will travel in 2015 to New Haven, Connecticut to perform at Yale as part of the exchange.