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Career Strategies offers two workshops in April

April 14 workshops covers the basics of investing; April 30 event introduces basics of grant writing and fundraising
March 27, 2014

Astrid Baumgardner, the coordinator of Career Strategies at YSM, recently announced two new workshops to take place this April. The first, to be held April 14, will bring back Steve Blum to discuss the basics of investing with students. In the second, scheduled for April 30, Elaine Carroll of the New Haven Symphony will introduce participants to the skills needed for grant writing and fundraising. 

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The Basics of Investing
With Steve Blum
April 14, 4:30–6 pm
Leigh 402

Steve Blum, whose workshop in January on Financial Life After Yale was a big hit, is returning to YSM to present a workshop on The Basics Of Investing. Come and learn from a financial expert what you need to know in order to begin investing so that you can maximize your savings and fund your lifestyle.

Grant Writing and Fundraising
With Elaine Carroll
April 30, 4:30–6:00 pm
Leigh 402

Musicians today need to know the basis of grant writing and fundraising in order to fund projects, as well as ensembles and organizations. We are delighted to welcome Elaine Carroll, Executive Director of the New Haven Symphony, who will instruct on how to craft a winning grant proposal, as well as teach the basics of fundraising.