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Yale Percussion Group learns at University of Cape Coast, Ghana

UCC faculty teaches West African drums, roles, rhythms
May 31, 2014

IMG_6260-groupOn Thursday, May 29, the Yale Percussion Group returned to the University of Cape Coast (UCC) to learn more West African music and dance.

The six members of the YPG  met with John Kuubeterzie, the same faculty member that had led the performance on Tuesday, May 27, and three of his students. Despite the lack of electricity in the music building that day, the group had a very productive session.

The percussionists learned two separate but related drumming patterns as well as the singing that is an integral part of the piece. The YPG members also learned the foundations of being the master drummer in the ensemble. Once they had the parts down, they sat side-by-side with the UCC students and played more extensively.

IMG_6220The Yale Percussion Group and Yale Concert Band are wrapping up their first tour of Ghana. The twelve-day trip has focused on cultural exchange, with collaborative concerts in Accra and Cape Coast.

The groups have made video and audio recordings of drumming patterns from several villages in the central region of southern Ghana. Read more about that project here.