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Tami Kerr '00 CERT writes children's book about music


Author Tami Kerr '00 CERT and illustrator Tanja Kerr come from a musically-inclined family. Their father was the only family member with no musical background. As he became more familiar with musical terms, he remembered the word crotchet (as a quarter note is known in England) due to its similarity with American folk hero Davy Crockett. This led him to imagine The Adventures of Davy Crotchet, which his daughters made into a vibrantly illustrated and educational children's picture book. The book is full of information on instruments, musicians, and the art of music itself.

A review from Blue Note states: "Expertly combining education and entertainment, with neither outdoing the other, The Adventures of Davy Crotchet is highly recommended."

Press materials note:

With an art style reminiscent of the beloved Asterix and Tintin series of graphic novels, the Kerrs provide a fun-filled reading experience for entire families. The colorful pages of their book follow the musical adventures of Davy Crotchet, who spends most of his time as a quarter note, or crotchet, as he is known in England. He is born out of the attempts of a frustrated composer called Mel Odi trying to give expression to his compositions. Davy becomes so dissatisfied with the way he sounds that he finally speaks up. Mel decides to send Davy to Germany to find an old friend who makes flutes. Hopefully, Davy can bring him back a musical instrument. So begins Davy's journey, with many surprises along the way. The hero's exciting adventures tie in with historical events and developments that influenced European instrument making in the 17th century, providing readers young and old alike useful tidbits of knowledge that will help them gain a renewed appreciation for music, the instruments, and the artists who make it all possible.