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Arthur Bloom: How the healing power of music helps wounded warriors


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CNN | By Marissa Calhoun

Bethesda, Maryland (CNN) — When Capt. Greg Galeazzi joined the Army seven years ago, he was well aware of the risks he would face. “Of course you accept that injuries or death is a possibility,” Galeazzi said. “This is what happens to soldiers who fight wars.”

In 2011, that possibility became Galeazzi’s reality. While leading his platoon on a routine morning patrol, an improvised explosive device detonated beneath him. “It felt like I got hit by a wrecking ball,” he said.

Though Galeazzi survived the blast, life as he knew it did not. Suddenly, he was a double, above the knee amputee and had a severely wounded right arm. MORE

Published October 23, 2014
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