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Panel on “The Musical Impulse” helps open new Yale Center Beijing

Panel on "Unlocking Creativity for the Individual, the Culture, and the Economy" brings together Madame Gao Jianjin, conductor Yu Long, and others
October 24, 2014

Maestro Yu Long

Yale University will inaugurate the Yale Center Beijing with a major conference on October 27 and 28, 2014. The conference features conversations on important societal issues in China, the United States, and the world.

The center will be a venue for ongoing conversations on these and other critical topics, and the School of Music is planning activities for the spring of 2015.

For the opening conference, the School of Music has convened a panel on “The Musical Impulse: Unlocking Creativity for the Individual, the Culture, and the Economy.” The discussion will be moderated by Robert Blocker, Dean of the School. The panelists are:

Madame Gao Jianjin, President of the Institute of Music Education at the Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing, China);

Klaus Heymann, Chairman of Naxos Records, the world’s leading producer and distributor of classical music;

Wang Cizhao, President of the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing and a professor of musicology;

Yu Long, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the China Philharmonic Orchestra, which he co-founded in 2000; Music Director of the Shanghai and Guangzhou Symphony Orchestras; founding Artistic Director of the Beijing Music Festival.


Wang Cizhao, President, Central Conservatory of Music

The panel explores the values of music in educating young artists for the world ahead, and the importance of finding bridges of understanding that lead to common ground. For example, the experience of playing in an orchestra should reflect the values of self-discipline, initiative, collaboration, tolerance of other ideas, and curiosity about seeking different solutions.

“The Musical Impulse” takes place Monday, October 27 2:40 pm (local time). The event will be streamed live.


“The opening of the Yale Center Beijing signals another chapter in the historic relationship between Yale and China,” said Dean Blocker. “The new Center, located in the heart of Beijing’s financial district, is a place that is ideally suited for educational and cultural exchanges.  It will also provide study and research facilities for visiting Yale faculty.”

Dean Blocker also noted: “The School of Music and the Central Conservatory of Music have a longstanding partnership, and other musical alliances in Beijing and indeed throughout China will also benefit from the technological opportunities the Yale Center Beijing offers.”

The opening conference’s other panels explore subjects such as the environment, technology, economics, and healthcare. The Yale Center Beijing will be a venue for ongoing conversations on these and other critical topics. Yale faculty and leaders from across all sectors will discuss these issues and actively engage with audience members. View the full schedule online:



Music is also represented in the fanfare written for the occasion of the Center’s opening. Yale School of Music alumna Fay (Feinan) Wang ’10MM, ’12AD has been commissioned to write a celebratory piece for brass quintet. It will be performed by musicians from the Central Conservatory of Music at the opening ceremony, which takes place Monday, October 27 at 2:30 pm (China Standard Time). There will also be opening remarks by Edward A. Snyder, Dean of the Yale School of Management.

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About the Panelists


Madame Gao Jianjin, President, Institute of Music Education at CCOM

Madame GAO Jianjin is Professor and Tutor of Doctoral Students at the Central Conservatory of Music’s Institute of Music Education. Madame Gao graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music research laboratory and majored in Western music history, then remained at the Conservatory to teach. She served as Academic Director of the Central Conservatory of Music’s affiliated school and was the group leader of music education and research in 1998. In 1999, she was named the first Director of the Central Conservatory of Music’s Institute of Music Education, and in 2011 became its first President.

As the head of the Central Conservatory of Music’s Institute of Music Education, Madame Gao introduced three international methods of study into the music education system:  those of Carl Orff , Zoltan Kodaly, and Emile Jaques-Dalcroze. She combined these methods with China’s existing national music culture and thereby created new ways of looking at music education. Her courses include Western Music History, Education Methods, and Teaching Practice. Her writings, many of which have been translated, include Western Music History, The Reading & Writing of Music, and The Songs of Children, among others.

Madame Gao has won numerous prestigious awards in music education, including the QuYongXi Music Education Award in 2005, and the BaoGang Music Education Award and First Prize in Beijing Education Achievement in 2008.  She went on to win the second prize of the sixth period of High School Education Achievement in 2009.

Klaus Heymann is chairman of the Naxos group of companies. With wholly and partly owned subsidiaries in 15 countries, the group is the world’s leading producer and distributor of classical music. Naxos is a pioneer in the digital distribution of music, having launched the first ever streaming subscription site, www.naxosmusiclibrary.com, in 2002. The group has also made substantial investments in music education and has published numerous music education books, e-books, and apps. Klaus Heymann and Naxos are the recipients of numerous awards, including Classical Producer of the Year; Naxos, the label, has won more than twenty Grammys.

Klaus Heymann, Chariman of Naxos

Klaus Heymann, Chariman of Naxos

WANG Cizhao is President of the Central Conservatory of Music and a professor of musicology. He has published extensively and won many prizes including the first prize of the National Award of Excellence in Teaching, the Chinese Literary Criticism Award, and Yale School of Music’s Sanford Medal.

YU Long is the Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the China Philharmonic Orchestra, which he co-founded in 2000, and the Music Director of the Shanghai and Guangzhou Symphony Orchestras. He is also the Founding Artistic Director of the Beijing Music Festival, which, now in its 15th season, is the internationally recognized hub of musical life in China’s capital. Long Yu also is an Artistic Co-Director of the MISA Festival, bringing classical music to the young people of Shanghai. Additionally, he has created the nation’s first orchestral academy as a partnership between Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Conservatory, and the New York Philharmonic. He hopes to introduce China’s growing audiences to key Western repertoire.