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Rubén Rodríguez and Dantes Rameau discuss music in the community

As part of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas, a day-long symposium "Listen. Engage. Act." will take place at the Yale School of Music on Friday, June 17.

Featuring a day of presentations and discussions, the symposium will explore the role of the arts in the community, asking the question "how will you change your city?," and continuing conversations started at the British Council’s "Culture and Conflict Summit" in 2014 as well as the Association of Performing Arts Presenters’ forum "What is the Role of the Arts Presenter in a Community in Crisis?" earlier this year.

Yale School of Music Alumni Rubén Rodríguez '11 MM and Dantes Rameau '07 MM are among the presenters in the symposium. Rubén Rodríguez, Lead Teacher of the Music in Schools Initiative at YSM, will deliver the symposium's opening remarks, alongside a presentation by students of the Music in the Schools Initiative.

dantes rameau '07MM

Later in the day, Dantes Rameau, Executive Director and Founder of the Atlanta Music Project, will participate in a panel discussion exploring the relationship between arts organizations and the societies they live in. Rameau and colleagues, all based in major U.S. cities, discuss how they transform their own experiences into art that engages their neighborhoods.

The symposium also includes the events "Listen to Our New Haven Neighbors," a panel discussion focused on how arts organizations can best respond to the needs of their urban constituencies, and "Act Nationally," in which audience members are invited to voice their questions, plans, or reactions to the day's topics.

"Listen. Engage. Act." will take place on June 17 from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm at the Yale School of Music. This event is free with registration, and includes all sessions, meals, and cocktail reception.