[ award winners ]


$8,000 Grant

Kelly Dehnert ’86MM
To support the only university-level band program in Malawi. Malawi is an African country of 15 million people with only two university-level music programs, one of those at the African Bible College (ABC). These students are primarily underprivileged with limited opportunity to develop musical skills. Yet almost half of the student body is involved in ABC’s music programs, including music theory, appreciation, keyboard, jazz, traditional African combos, bands, and choirs. Funds will be used to build new practice facilities for the band and provide for instrument repair.

$7,500 Grant

Dantes Rameau ’07 MM
To support the Atlanta Music Project, a year‐round, 5‐day‐a‐week, after‐school youth orchestra program targeting at‐risk youth from grades 1 through 12, modeled on Venezuela’s El Sistema program. Students are provided with instruments, instruction, classes, and performance opportunities.

$5,000 Grants

Orlay Alonso ’04MM
To support Music in the Heights, an outreach program of the Ossia Symphony Orchestra at the George Washington Educational Campus in Washington Heights, New York City. The program brings four outreach concerts to the community, plus afterschool instrumental lessons and ensemble coaching for 20 to 30 underprivileged children.

Amanda Baker ’00MM
To support Daughters of Do, a program for daughters of inmates at the all‐female York Correctional Facility in Niantic, Conn., that provides them with flute or recorder lessons and establishes a creative and nurturing environment for these young and at‐risk girls. Funds will provide for instruments, books, transportation, free lessons, and an end-of-year concert.

Michael Barnett ’05BS, ’06MM
To support LSO on Call, a community engagement program of the Longwood Symphony, Boston’s orchestra of healthcare professionals that brings chamber music to patients in healthcare facilities who might not otherwise be able to experience the healing power of live music performance. In 2009 alone, LSO on Call reached 800 patients in 21 facilities.

John Brandon ’09MM
To support Mr. Brandon’s efforts to become a fully certified Braille music transcriber, meeting a real need to provide this service to visually impaired musicians. (There are currently fewer than 35 registered music Braille transcribers in the USA). Funds will enable the purchase of all required equipment and software.

Tomomi Ohrui ’90MM
To support The Little Classic, an outreach program in the public schools of the Kawasaki region in Japan. In collaboration with the music teachers of elementary schools, funds will allow for a children’s concert at the local community centre and repeat visits to 5 or 6 different schools by professional musicians from Senzoku and Kunitachi Music Colleges. The musicians will create interactive programs for the children that enhance the school curriculum.

Laurie Rubin ’03 MM
To support Do You Dream in Color?, disability awareness workshops given by Ms. Rubin, who is herself a blind opera singer. Workshops are already planned for the Francis Blend School, Lighthouse International, and the Jewish Guild for the Blind and will incorporate materials designed by the Socrates Institute and Ms. Rubin’s recording of an original work, Do you dream in color?. Ms. Rubin will use the workshops will show teachers how to make music accessible to everyone and share how her exploration of music, specifically singing, has shaped her understanding of visual concepts such as color.

$4,000 Grants

Garmon Ashby ’02MM,  ’03AD
To support St. Phillip’s after-school music program at St. Phillip’s in the Hills Church, Tuscon AZ. The program provides specialized instrumental, theory, and choral musical training for at‐risk neighborhood children. Funding will provide underprivileged students with instruments, keyboards, and sheet music.

Nansi Carroll ’75MM, ’76MMA, ’82DMA
To support the Jubilus Music Festival outreach program in Gainesville, Florida. Artists will present free workshops for area students, pre‐K to college‐age, with an emphasis on reaching low‐income and minority youth. The workshops will be geared towards specific age groups and will culminate with a free concert at the historic Matheson Museum. Programs will take place at thelocal parish church, elementary school, community music school, and the University of Florida School of Music.

George Schermerhorn ’62MM
To support the Promising Young Artist Program of the Friends of Music of Bethlehem, PA that provides for scholarships for middle school students who have recognized promise and financial need, to private music instruction they could otherwise not afford.

$3,500 Grants

Michael Mizrahi ’03MM, ’04MMA, ’08DMA
To support The Piano in the 21st Century, a recital program of solo piano works written by young composers in the last five years, with the aim of bringing these works to universities and stages around the country, culminating in a recording for New Amsterdam records. Funds will be used to commission these works.

Lois Shapiro ’73MM
To support secondary‐school residencies that bring musical processes to life through students’ multisensory experiences: firstly, Beethoven’s music explored as self‐enactment to stimulate students’ emotionally charged writing, and secondly, immigrant experiences, shared cultural connections through folk‐based music and personalized writing. Programs will culminate in a concert that interweaves student‐read original works with performances by the piano trio Triple Helix. The residencies will begin as a pilot program in Boston-area schools.

$3,000 Grant

Greg Anderson ’08MMA
To support the Anderson & Roe Music Video Trilogy, the creation of music videos with the aim of making classical music a relevant and powerful force in society. The piano duo’s music videos have already been viewed over three million times on YouTube and on their interactive website www.andersonroe.net/media. Funding will enable them to work with a filmmaker to create three new, high‐quality videos titled Carmen Fantasy, Bille Jean, and Video #3, and present them online for the education and enjoyment of the general public.