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2009 Symposium on Music in Schools

The second biennial Symposium on Music Schools took place June 10–12, 2009 at the Yale School of Music. This Symposium focused on two main themes:

  • Linking music to the general classroom
  • Is El Sistema, Venezuela’s famous music education program, adaptable in the US?

In addition to facilitated conversations, participating teachers attended workshops presented by selected alumni from the 2007 Symposium on Music in Schools, among others. Featured presenters included Dan Trahey, Director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s OrchKids education initiative; Robert Capanna, Executive Director for Settlement Music School; and Jeb Gist and Matthew Shay, 2007 Symposium alumni.

The keynote address at the awards banquet was given by Lucia Brawley, an actress, writer, and advocate for arts education; graduate of the Yale School of Drama; and regular blogger for The Huffington Post. Teachers also enjoyed a performance by chorus students from Worthington Hooker School at the banquet, and attended a performance by the Yale Tango Ensemble on Thursday evening.

2009 Yale Distinguished Music Educators

This year’s Distinguished Music Educators were selected from a pool of nearly 450 nominations. The winners represented 35 states and Washington, DC, including 19 states not previously represented at the Symposium on Music in Schools.

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Susan Arnold - New Haven, CT

Robert Arsenault - Bristol, RI

Mary Jane Ayers - Washington, DC

Paul Bakeman - Ashland, VA

Joseph Bartolozzi - Long Island City, NY

Fritz Benz - North Smithfield, RI

Steven Bossert - Tampa, FL

Stanley Coleman - St. Louis, MO

Nona Marie Collver - Grand Rapids, MI

Glenn Cowen - Elkins Park, PA

Brian Cyr - Meriden, CT

Robert D'Angelo - Southbury, CT

Carol Davis - Rockville, MD

Joy Devlin - Hawthorne, CA

Linda Drugan - Lynn, MA

Pamela Dunkling - Montpelier, VT

Jean Duperre - Chicopee, MA

Michele Flagg - Paterson, NJ

Clydia Forehand - Tulsa, OK

Louine Gagnon - Bath, ME

Dr. Jack L. Gremli - Nanuet, NY

Angela Hartvigsen - Sarasota, FL

Loralie Heagy - Juneau, AK

Terry Hicks - Winston-Salem, NC

Mary J. Hochkeppel - Rockville, MD

Misty Kalbfleisch - Kimberly, ID

Walter Lastowski - Freeport, NY

Melissa Lotstein - West Hartford, CT

Greg McKelvey - Portland, OR

ReNée Nadeau - San Antonio, TX

David Neches - Augusta, GA

Patricia Oeste - Conway, AR

Brad Ollmann - Saint Paul, MN

Thomas Paster - Allendale, NJ

Andrew J. Pizzo - Baton Rouge, LA

Camille Rabon - Appomattox, VA

Stephan Riddle - Sweetwater, TN

Amy Ross - Fort Wayne, IN

Robert Schneider - Shaker Heights, OH

Maria Schwab - Astoria, NY

Kurt Schweiss - Chester, NH

Deborah Shirley - Harrodsburg, KY

Chuck Silloway - Colorado Springs, CO

Jenanne Solberg - Whitefish, MT

Mark Teesdale - Felton, DE

Sharon Thompson - Gaffney, SC

Jaqueline Thrasher - Glendale, AZ

Joanne Tubbs - Des Moines, IA

Kristen Walter - Hendersonville, NC

Peggy Wegener - St. Bernard Parish, LA

Hector Manuel Zavala Martinez - Ashburn, VA