[ music in schools ]

Welcome from Michael Yaffe

Associate Dean, Yale School of Music

The Music in Schools Initiative is the aspect of my portfolio in which I take the most pride. It is a unique program that takes the strengths of our School, the support of the Yale College Class of 1957 and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Morse, and the values of our University, and creates a special partnership with the New Haven Public Schools.

The mission of the Music in Schools Initiative in its broadest sense is to provide support for New Haven schoolchildren while simultaneously training our international group of graduate students in the concept of being a teaching artist. In our definition, a teaching artist is a talented professional musician who supports school programs through partnerships with public school teachers. A teaching artist can complement the work of a full-time certified music teacher, as they do in New Haven, or can create curricular material for general classroom teachers.

Our strong partnership with the New Haven Public Schools has allowed us to create programs that support the existing work in the schools, while also offering an opportunity for many talented students to participate in intensive, supplementary programs.

Each of the programs offered by the Music in Schools Initiative has been developed in close collaboration with NHPS leadership, and serves a purpose mutually defined and implemented. A combination of teaching artists, Yale alumni, and New Haven Public School music teachers leads the programs.

We are so proud of our relationship with New Haven. Through this partnership, we are able to serve the New Haven community and provide our graduate students with a practical example of cultural leadership.

I invite you to learn more about our programs.