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Frequently Asked Questions


Are performances at the Yale School of Music handicapped accessible?

A majority are, but not all performance venues at Yale are fully accessible. More specific information pertaining to the various performance spaces at the Yale School of Music can be found here:


Will any special assistance be available for me should I need help getting to my seat?

Should you require special assistance relating to medical conditions in order to attend a performance, please contact the concert office and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Is handicapped parking available?

There are some metered parking spaces for vehicles with disability permits. However, these are public spaces and we are unable to guarantee their availability.



When and where am I able to buy tickets?

Tickets are always available online at music-tickets.yale.eduTickets can also be purchased in-person at the box office in Sprague Hall at 470 College Street, or by calling (203) 432-4158. The box office is open 11 am – 2 pm, Monday through Friday.



Are there any fees associated with purchasing tickets?

All ticket prices for YSM events include handling fees as well as taxes. Tickets sold by other box offices may include fees; please check with that particular ticketing office.


Once I’ve purchased tickets for a performance, can I return them for better seats?

The box office does not offer refunds or exchanges. All sales are final once payment is processed.


Are there discounts for students, faculty, staff, or seniors?

There are student-price sections that are available at all ticketed events as well as discounts for subscription and package purchases. Certain events (such as those at the Yale Collection of Musical Instruments) offer senior discounts.


Event FAQ

Is there a dress code?

The School of Music does not have a dress code for performances, nor do we have a coat check. Audience members are encouraged to dress comfortably.


When should I arrive?

We suggest that you should arrive for performances about a half an hour prior to the scheduled start times, particularly if you will be looking for street parking. We suggest arriving even earlier to enjoy Yale’s beautiful campus, or dine at any of the restaurants downtown.


What if I’m late?

Late seating will be at the discretion of the house manager. Tickets will no longer be on sale after the start of the performance.


Where can I park?

The Yale School of Music does not have its own designated parking for concerts. There are several lots around the University’s campus and street parking is metered until 9pm, Monday through Saturday. There is no time limit at meters after 5 pm. 



If I lose my ticket, how can I obtain a replacement?

The box office will be glad to reprint your tickets for you.


What if I don’t know anything about classical music?

No prior knowledge of classical music is required or expected. Many concerts offer program notes, which provide information about the music and its historical context.


May I use my cell phone, tablet, or any other electronic devices?

During the performance, we ask that all electronic devices be silenced to avoid distractions from other audience members. Please do not put your phone in vibrate mode; even a vibrating phone can be disruptive in a quiet concert hall.

It is prohibited to take photos, videos, or audio recordings of the performance. If you are a member of the press and would like to take photos for publication, please contact the communications office before the performance.



When should I applaud?

The practice of holding applause until the end of a multi-movement work is strictly a 20th century practice. Appreciation is always welcome as long as is does not disrupt the performance. The safest course is to wait until the performers finish and face the audience and everyone begins clapping.


What happens if I can’t make a performance for which I’ve already purchased tickets?

Refunds and exchanges are not allowed for purchased tickets at the School of Music. However, you are welcome to donate the tickets for resale. After you donate these tickets, a receipt will be sent to you in the mail for your tax records.


What if I end up with extra tickets?

All sales are final. You can donate extra tickets for resale (before the start of the concert); these donations are tax-deductible. Please do not scalp tickets on the Yale School of Music campus.


Subscription and Package FAQ


If I purchase a subscription and I’m not able to attend one or more performances, what should I do with the tickets? Can I be refunded?

While we do not offer refunds or exchanges, you do have the option to donate your tickets for resale. This donation is tax-deductible; you will receive a donation receipt in the mail.


Can I upgrade or change my seats during the season?

If you would like to upgrade your subscription to a higher-tier pricing area, we will be happy to accommodate your request. Exchanges for subscription seats at the same or a lower pricing level are not allowed. Should you need to relocate your subscription seats for medical reasons, please contact the box office manager at 203 432-4397.


If I lose my tickets, can I obtain replacements?

Yes, we can reprint your tickets. Please go to the box office and provide your name or order number and we will be able to reprint the ticket for you. Order numbers are the fastest way for the box office staff to access your subscription information. Your order number is located on the lower middle section of each ticket.


If I purchase a Pick-3 or Pick-5 package, can I change my selected performances?

We’re sorry, but all sales are final, and exchanges are not permitted.


Performances presented by the Yale School of Music


What kind of performances does the Yale School of Music offer?

The School of Music offers performances spanning many genres and styles. You can hear performances ranging from early music ensembles at the Collection of Musical Instruments, to the finest orchestral music of the Romantic era with the Yale Philharmonia, or to the newest cutting-edge creations of the school’s composition students on the New Music New Haven Series. In addition to instrumental music, the Yale School of Music features the finest vocal music performed by the Yale Opera program and the Yale Institute of Sacred Music.


Do you recommend bringing children to the performances at the School of Music?

Children are always welcome at School of Music performances. Most performances typically last around one-and-a-half to two hours, with an intermission. Please consider this when deciding to bring younger children.

If you would like suggestions for which of our programs would be most child-friendly, please call the box office at 203 432-4158.


Are the facilities at the Yale School of Music open to the public or for tours?

The School of Music is happy to provide tours to prospective and incoming students. As most of our recital and performance spaces double as teaching spaces, they are typically closed to the public. More information about the Yale School of Music buildings can be found at: https://music.yale.edu/resources/campus/

Should you want to tour the campus, contact the Yale Visitor Center.