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Ticket Delivery

YSM Student Comp Tickets

YSM Student Comp Tickets for ticketed YSM concerts (not including the Met Opera broadcasts) must be reserved in advance. Please read the emails from the concert office with details about comp tickets for each concert. Pay close attention to deadlines.

Pick up your ticket from the box office on the day of the concert between 11 am and 2pm, or from the will call table in the lobby from 5:30pm to 7 pm. (If the concert is at a time other than 7:30 pm, you must pick up the ticket no later than a half-hour before the start of the concert.) YSM student comp tickets not picked up by one half-hour before the concert will be released for sale.

If you reserve a ticket but cannot attend the concert, you must contact the concert office to release the ticket. Reserving tickets and not picking them up may result in a loss of complimentary ticket privileges.

Note: Certain events, such as Yale in New York concerts at Carnegie Hall and Yale Opera’s annual production at the Shubert Theater, have different policies. You will receive emails from the concert office about the ticket policies for these events.