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Media Release Forms

Unlimited Media Release

All students must sign the Unlimited Media Release, granting the School the right to use recordings, video, and photographs created during their study at the School of Music. The form contains complete details of this agreement.

Unlimited Media Release Agreements must be turned in by September 6, 2019.



Limited Media Release

Guest artists who perform on a single event must sign a Limited Media Release in order for individual performances to be recorded and/or streamed live. This includes YSM faculty, outside performers, and any other artists who have not signed an Unlimited Media Release. The Limited Media Release is due five business days before the performance. This is especially important if non-students perform on your recital.



Large Ensemble Authorization
If your recital has any piece with more than six players, the form must also be signed by the Dean or Deputy Dean. This form is due five business days before the performance.