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New Music New Haven

Guidelines for preparation of proposals, parts and scores

We can only program compositions for instruments that are owned by the School of Music, students, composers, or guest performers. We regret that we cannot program student works that require rental instruments. The School owns the following auxiliary instruments: alto flute (1), piccolo (1), oboe d’amore (1), English horn (1), E-flat clarinets (2), bass clarinets (2), basset horns (2), and contrabassoon (1). Please consult with the percussion TA and Yale Philharmonia manager regarding the instruments owned by the percussion studio.

To propose a work for performance on NMNH:

  • All forms are here.
  • Before you submit a proposal form, your primary composition professor must review the proposed piece, and approve it for inclusion on NMNH. Please print the approval form from the composition website, get your teacher’s signature, and return the form to the Yale Philharmonia/NMNH manager.
  • Fill out the NMNH proposal form by the proposal deadline.
  • Please provide as many details about your piece as possible.
  • You should only fill out a proposal form if a piece has been completed or is near completion.
  • Please do not fill out proposal forms for works that have not yet been written.
  • Proposals will be reviewed and the program will be announced 2-7 days after the proposals are due.
  • Late proposals cannot be considered.

Before you submit your parts to the library:

  • Always adhere to the MOLA guidelines.
  • Parts and scores that do not meet the MOLA guidelines will not be accepted for performance on NMNH.
  • You are encouraged to set up a time (well before your parts are due) to meet with a Yale Philharmonia librarian to assess the readability of your parts and score.

Submitting parts to the library:

  • If you submit your parts on time, the library will print, bow, copy, and bind all of your parts for you.
  • Submit parts and score as pdfs to yalephilharmonia@gmail.com. You do not need to submit paper copies of your parts.

Submitting scores to the library:

  • Submit 3 hard-copy scores to the Yale Philharmonia library. If the spine is shorter than 14 inches, the library will bind it for you upon request. If the spine is longer than 14 inches, you must submit a bound score.
  • If you do not submit your parts on time, your piece may be removed from the concert. It will be rescheduled on a later NMNH concert if possible.
  • If it is not removed, the Yale Philharmonia library may grant you an extension to submit your parts. If so, you must prepare your own parts, and properly print, bind, and bow them on 8 1/2 x 11 or 10 x 13, double-sided paper. These parts must be submitted to the library for approval before the library distributes them.

Special submission requirements for New Music for Orchestra:

  • Submit 3 hard-copy scores, bound and properly sized to the Yale Philharmonia library.
  • Submit parts and score as pdfs to yalephilharmonia@gmail.com
  • Submit parts as unbound single-sided pages (8.5×11) to the Yale Philharmonia library.
  • If you submit your parts on time, the library will enlarge, bow, copy, and bind all of your parts for you. If you do not submit your parts on time, the steps described in the section above will apply.