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NMNH Instrumentation & Deadlines

The works on NMNH will be performed by students at the School of Music. Student composers may supplement these ensembles by providing their own players from outside the School of Music. Please discuss this possibility with the manager.

Composers participating in NMNH are expected to keep track of all deadlines for any concert on which their work will be performed, and to submit materials by the requested dates. Missed deadlines compromise the quality of the parts, the players’ level of preparation, the collaborative experience for all participants, and the success of the final performance. Therefore, if a composer fails to meet deadlines for parts or scores, that composer’s piece may be removed from the concert on which it was scheduled. If possible, that piece will be rescheduled on a later concert.

To avoid a penalty, your program information must be submitted to the Concert Office by the listed deadlines (10 business days before the concert, at 9:00 AM). Program information submitted 6-9 business days before the concert will incur a $50 fine, and program information submitted 1-5 business days before the concert will incur a $100 fine. All fines will be billed directly to your Bursar Account.



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Instrumentation and Deadlines 2019-20