Piano Services

There are more than 125 pianos at the Yale School of Music. Of these, 120 are Steinways, most of which were bought new within the past 10 years.

Please use the online form at the link below to submit requests for piano services and to immediately notify the Piano Curators if any piano has been damaged or is not functioning properly. The Curators can prevent more serious damage if you notify them promptly.


Reserving Time in the Halls

  • Reservations for rehearsal time in Sprague Hall and Sudler Hall may be made by contacting Tara Deming, Operations Manager.
  • Time reserved for tuning the pianos may not be rescheduled for rehearsal.
  • Please let the Operations Manager or the Piano Curators know which piano you will be performing or recording on as soon as you know. If you do not let anyone know and cannot be reached, a piano will be chosen for you.
  • If you are using 2 pianos, please tell the Piano Curators when you schedule your recital, so they may set aside the extra time to tune both instruments.
  • If you are recording in a classroom and would like the piano tuned, a request for tuning must be submitted at least 1 week in advance.

Important Piano Policies

  • Food and drink (including candy and gum) are prohibited at all times in practice rooms, faculty studios, and A $100 fine will be imposed on any student who breaks this rule. Spilled beverages can ruin the sound, touch, and finish of a piano. Water is permitted in sealed and unbreakable containers only.
  • Do not use the top of the piano as a table for instrument cases, books, keys, handbags, water bottles, You could scratch the finish or spill water into the piano. Please put these items on a chair or on the floor.
  • Do not move the pianos in the studios, classrooms, and practice rooms. They have been placed to minimize damage from opening doors and from excessive heat or cold. If you feel a piano is poorly placed for its general use, please contact the Piano Curators to have it moved.
  • Before raising the lid, please check to be sure that the straight (spine) side of the piano case is at least 4 inches away from a wall. Attempting to lift the lid while the spine side is too close will result in damage to the piano and to the wall. Do not attempt to move the piano yourself.
  • If you notice that a room with a piano is either very hot or very cold, please notify the Operations Manager or the Piano Curators.
  • If you are requesting piano services for an outside organization or a residential college, you are required to notify piano curators 2 weeks in advance. Requests for piano services for an outside organization in April will be treated as private engagements and will be paid for by the student or organization.
  • If you are using a prepared piano, please consult and follow the guidelines in the Piano Care and Maintenance Guide.