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Request a Collaborative Pianist

Collaborative Piano Fellowship

For the 2017-18 academic year, three Collaborative Piano Fellows will be in residence at the Yale School of Music. Collaborative Piano Fellows are made available to YSM instrumental students for master classes, lessons, studio seminars, degree recitals and, when possible, for non-degree and informal recitals performed at Yale. Collaborative Piano Fellows are made available to faculty to accompany lessons, studio seminars, or master classes at Yale. Because the number of collaborative pianists is limited, it is important to make arrangements as early as possible and to limit the amount of time each collaborative pianist spends on individual events.

Requests for Pianists

All requests for pianists should be sent to the collaborative piano coordinator. In your request, please include the date and time of event(s), repertoire, and be prepared to provide the score as soon as possible.  Degree recitals will be given priority; all assignments for non-degree and informal recitals will be made after the deadline for degree recitals.

requests for pianists must be received by the following deadlines:

Lesson, studio seminar, or masterclass playing standard repertoire: 1 week in advance
Lesson, studio seminar, or masterclass playing non-standard repertoire: 2 weeks in advance
Fall semester degree, non-degree, or informal recital: October 6
Spring semester degree, non-degree, or informal recital: December 8

Repertoire for recitals in which an assigned pianist is playing must be provided as soon as possible and must be finalized at least 4 weeks in advance.  Requests received after the stated deadlines will be considered, but are not guaranteed to be fulfilled.

collaborative piano fellow duties (maximum) are:

  • 1 hour of rehearsal per lesson, studio seminar, or masterclass
  • 4-5 hours of additional rehearsal per recital (as needed)
  • 1 dress rehearsal


Other Requests

Requests for collaborative pianists for audio or video recordings or off-campus competitions will be treated as private engagements and will be paid for by the student. You may contact the individual pianists for their rates.

Accompanying Requirement for Piano Majors

All piano majors are required to play for at least one instrumental or vocal recital per academic year without pay as part of the departmental major. Priority will be given to degree recitals. If you are fulfilling this requirement, please notify the Collaborative Piano Coordinator to record your credit.

guidelines for student pianist duties for a recital (10 hours maximum) are:

  • 1- 2 master classes
  • 3-4 lessons
  • 2-3 hours of additional rehearsal
  • 1 dress rehearsal
  • any time required to learn the music (or comparable hour distribution)


Paid Accompanying for Students

Paid accompanying for recitals, master classes, lessons, etc. from work-study or casual wage funds may be taken on by piano majors only when assigned by the collaborative piano coordinator, Heekyung Lee and only after fulfilling their recital accompanying requirement. When additional pianists are needed, the collaborative piano coordinator will contact students who would like to take on paid accompanying. Piano majors will not be paid for recital accompanying unless assigned by the collaborative piano coordinator. Information on tracking hours and obtaining payment are available from the collaborative piano coordinator.

guidelines for paid accompaniment hours for a recital (10 hours per recital):

  • 3-4 one-hour lessons
  • 2-3 hours in total for master classes, additional rehearsals
  • 3-4 hours for recital and dress rehearsal (or comparable hour distribution)