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Request an Accompanist

Deadline: Please submit all requests to Mrs. Parisot by October 4, 2013

Piano accompanists are made available to YSM students for degree recitals and, when possible, for non-degree recitals performed at Yale. Because the number of accompanists is limited, it is important to make arrangements as early as possible, and to limit the amount of time each accompanist spends on individual recitals.

All requests for piano accompanists for degree recitals must be submitted to Elizabeth Parisot by October 7. If you have already made arrangements with a YSM pianist, Mrs. Parisot must be notified so that your pianist can be officially assigned to your recital. If you have no preference, you must notify Mrs. Parisot so that she may assign an appropriate accompanist.

If notification is not received by October 7, it will be assumed that you have already made other arrangements. Assignments for non-degree recitals will be made after October 7.

The accompanist’s duties are listed below. Remember that these are the maximum limits expected of the accompanist and that most recitals should require fewer hours. All music should be given to the accompanist at the earliest possible opportunity.

Accompanist duties are:

  • 15 hours of rehearsal
  • 1 or 2 master classes
  • 3 or 4 lessons
  • any time required to learn the music