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Artist Diploma

The Artist Diploma is a highly selective program for artists who demonstrate potential for a major concert career. Enrollment in the Artist Diploma program will be limited to six total and it is only open to instrumentalists (including pianists) and vocalists (opera only). Those who have already received a D.M.A. are not eligible to apply for the Artist Diploma.

The A.D. is a two-year program for external candidates and one year for internal applicants. The minimum academic requirement is a high school diploma.

Admission to the A.D. program involves a comprehensive review of application materials and two campus auditions, the first before YSM artist faculty. A select number of applicants will advance to the second audition, which is adjudicated by an external panel of distinguished music professionals.

During the two-year residency, A.D. students will be required to perform two solo recitals, a concerto, and a chamber music program. A.D. students are expected to concertize and participate in competitions and festivals. Their schedules will accommodate professional travel commitments of up to four weeks during the academic year. The School of Music will arrange one international concert and will provide students with enhanced professional development and support, including management guidance and personalized career services.

A full tuition and fellowship are made to all students who are admitted to the Yale School of Music, with the exception of those receiving awards from other agencies.


Areas of Study

Chamber Music

Chamber music is an integral part of the YSM experience.