The Center for Studies in Music Technology

The Center for Studies in Music Technology (CSMT) offers courses and supports projects in all aspects of computer applications in music composition, performance, and research. CSMT has facilities for sound synthesis and analysis of all types, digital recording and processing, and MIDI-based synthesis.

CSMT offers support for interactive performance systems — for example, music for live instruments with electronics. The center can also offer resources for physical modeling of instruments, analysis of performance gesture, and music notation.

The Art of Recording

This workshop deals with state-of-the-art digital recording techniques, equipment, studio acoustics, and compact disc production, with special emphasis placed on preparing students to use recording facilities as a musician on both sides of the microphone.

The first term is devoted to a general survey of digital recording techniques through experimental recording of various student and professional musical ensembles. The second term is devoted exclusively to compact disc production. As a final project, each student produces a recording session using classmates or professional ensembles and works through the postrecording process to provide a digital tape suitable for compact disc production.