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David Lang, Thomas Newman receive Oscar nominations

David Lang, composer

David Lang, composer

Two composers who studied at YSM are among the nominees for the 2016 Academy Awards: David Lang ’83 MMA, ’89 DMA, a member of the Yale composition faculty, and Thomas Newman ’77 BA, ’78 MM, a widely respected film composer.

David Lang ’83 MMA, ’89 DMA, a member of the composition faculty, was nominated in the category of Achievement in music written for motion pictures (Original song) for the “Simple Song No. 3” from the movie Youth. Lang wrote the music and lyrics; during the lead-up to the Golden Globes (for which he was also nominated), he spoke to The Atlantic about his “unusual text-assembly method” — using Google searches to suggest phrases. MORE

Published January 21, 2016
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New film Youth features original score by faculty composer David Lang

David Lang, composer

We Are Movie Geeks | By Michelle McCue

From Paolo Sorrentino, the director of Italy’s Oscar foreign language winner THE GREAT BEAUTY comes YOUTH, about two longtime friends vacationing in the Swiss Alps.

The film features an original score by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang, who first met Sorrentino when his composition “I Lie” was used in THE GREAT BEAUTY.


Published November 23, 2015
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Sony Classical to Release Thomas Newman’s “He Named Me Malala” Soundtrack

ThomasNewmanSony Classical will release the official soundtrack album for the documentary He Named Me Malala, featuring music by Academy Award-nominated composer and Yale alumnus Thomas Newman ’77BA, ’78MM. To be released on October 2, 2015, the album is now available for pre-order via Amazon.

He Named Me Malala is directed by Davis Guggenheim and tells the story of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager who survived a Taliban assassination attempt to become an outspoken, globally recognized advocate for girl’s rights.The documentary is set to premiere next month at the Toronto Film Festival and will be released on October 2, 2015 by Fox Searchlight. MORE

Published September 25, 2015
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Marco Beltrami: Interview with Composers From The Musical Anatomy of a Superhero Panel At SDCC

Watch Play Read | By Kaitlyn Booth

One of the cooler things I got to do was take part in my first press room. It was for a panel called Musical Anatomy of a Superhero. I’ve been trying to find a copy of the panel which is why this is so late but I’ve been unable to do so. I got the opportunity to talk to the composers behind our favorite movies in science fiction and superhero movies and television shows. The interviews themselves don’t have the best audio for the questions so I pulled the best ones from each interview and you can learn a bit about the music behind some of your favorite media.

Marco Beltrami

Marco Beltrami is a Grammy nominated composer who has worked on many projects across many genres including Snowpiercer, The Wolverine, Scream, Mimic, Fantastic Four, and World War Z. He is often seen a genre innovator since his unconventional score for Scream. He has used many different objects to achieve this unique sound such as gnashing animal teeth for World War Z and an outdoor “wind piano” made from nearly 200 feet of wire for The Homesman. MORE

Published August 19, 2015
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Hollywood film composer Thomas Newman releases collaborative album with Rick Cox


Thomas Newman, composer

Thomas Newman ’77BA, ’78MM and Rick Cox released the album 35 Whirlpools Below Sound on Cold Blue Music in October. This jointly composed and performed collection of 19 electro-acoustic works has been slowly developing over time. Newman, a 12-time Oscar nominee and six-time Grammy winner, and noted new-music composer/performer Rick Cox have been collaborating for 25 years.

The music has been called both enigmatic and eclectic, exploring a somewhat improvisational world through its series of sometimes interlinked, sometimes contrasting pieces built of often mysterious and fantastical juxtapositions of sounds.

Newman is a highly regarded film-music composer (WALL-E, The Shawshank Redemption, American Beauty) who has also written non-film-related works for such ensembles as the Kronos Quartet and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. While at Yale, Newman studied with Jacob Druckman, Bruce MacCombie, and Robert Moore. MORE

Published October 28, 2014
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Composer Marco Beltrami Provides His Musical Gifts For “The Giver”


“This film was unique in that I wrote the main theme to the movie before they had shot it.”

Examiner.comBy Danny Gonzalez

What can I say about composer Marco Beltrami? Academy Award nominee for his brilliant work on both “The Hurt Locker”, which won Best Picture in 2010, and the terrific remake of “3:10 To Yuma” starring Oscar Winners Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. He redefined the horror genre with his classic horror music for “Scream”, “The Woman In Black”, “The Faculty”, “Dracula 2000”, “The Thing” and “Mimic”[…]

Truthfully, I don’t think that there isn’t a genre of film that Marco isn’t capable of tackling and whose music would no doubt make that particular film that much better. What makes him so special is that his music just gets better and better with time and that is why directors such as Tommy Lee Jones, Alex Proyas, James Mangold, Len Wiseman and of course, Wes Craven will always call upon him to be their go to musical voice of both movie logic and reason. Every musical note counting for something special for each scene his baton is raised in the air conducting on the scoring stage. MORE

Published August 26, 2014
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Alum Thomas Newman nominated for Academy Award

ThomasNewmanComposer Thomas Newsman ’77 BA, ’78 MM has received an Ocscar nomination for his score to “Saving Mr. Banks.”

Newman has been nominated eleven times previously, for his scores to films including “The Shawshank Redemption,” “American Beauty,” and “WALL-E.” He has won two BAFTAs, five Grammys and an Emmy, and has been nominated for three Golden Globes.

In 2000, Newman was honored with the Richard Kirk award at the BMI Film and TV Awards. The award is given annually to a composer who has made significant contributions to film and television music.

WQXR host David Garland noted recently that Newman has “contributed impressively and distinctly to the field of film scores,” having established “a personal sound and style in an arena that sometimes seems to prefer chameleon-like adaptability.”


Published January 21, 2014
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[ in the press ]

Oscar-nominated composer Marco Beltrami on navigating his way through ‘World War Z’

HitFix Music
By Melinda Newman

POZNAN, POLAND—Oscar-nominated composer Marco Beltrami recently found himself in a rather unenviable position, caught between “World War Z’s” producer/star Brad Pitt, director Marc Forster and Paramount Studios as the different factions clashed over the direction and tone of the zombie action pic.

He kept his head down and tried to serve all his masters, including writing two score for the same picture. Luckily, things normally go a little smoother for the Yale School of Music graduate, who broke into the business by scoring a number of horror movies, including “Scream,” “Scream 2,” Halloween H20,” “Resident Evil,” but has expanded to all genres. He has scored TV series, including “The Practice,” as well as “3:10 to Yuma,” “The Hurt Locker,” “A Good Day To Die Hard,” “Trouble With the Curve,” “The Wolverine,” and the upcoming remake  of “Carrie” and Tommy Lee Jones’ new film, “The Homesman.”

After teaching a master class at the Transatlantyk Festival here, Beltrami sat down with Hitfix to discuss navigating the “WWZ” waters and his upcoming projects. MORE

Published November 14, 2013
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Original score soundtrack to “Carrie,” by Marco Beltrami ’91MM, released this week

marcobeltrami-2013Earlier this week, Sony Classical announced the international digital release of the original score from the motion picture Carrie on October 21, 2013. The soundtrack is composed by Marco Beltrami ’91MM, who is renowned for scoring horror films and has received two Academy Award nominations. The film was released nationwide on Friday, October 18.

New York-born Beltrami studied at the Yale School of Music and in Italy, before studying film composition under Jerry Goldsmith. His career began with the soundtrack of the thriller Death Match in 1994, and he gained recognition for his work on horror films such as Mimic (1997), The Woman in Black (2012), and all four films in the Scream series (1995–2011). He has also composed two soundtracks for the Die Hard franchise: Live Free or Die Hard and A Good Day to Die Hard. MORE

Published October 25, 2013
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Garth Neustadter ’12MM nominated for Emmy Award

The Yale School of Music is pleased to announce that composer Garth Neustadter ’12MM has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for his score for the PBS documentary John Muir in the New World. The score was recorded at Yale with members of the Yale Philharmonia, the Yale Symphony Orchestra, and the Linden String Quartet. Neustadter is a student in the School of Music’s composition program, where he studies with Christopher Theofanidis.

In 2007 Neustadter won first prize in the Turner Classic Movies Young Film Composers Competition. He was subsequently commissioned by Turner Classic Movies and Warner Bros. to compose, record and produce the score for the film The White Sister.

Five composers received nominations in the category of Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score): Alf H. Clausen (for “Treehouse Of Horror XXI,” an episode of The Simpsons), Ron Jones (for the “Road To The North Pole” episode of Family Guy), Walter Murphy (for the “And Then There Were Fewer” episode of Family Guy), Garth Neustadter (for the “John Muir In The New World” episode of American Masters), and Jeff Richmond (for the “100” episode of 30 Rock). MORE

Published July 22, 2011
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