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How grace notes and timpani can teach you to detect abnormal sounds in the body

Thomas DuffyYale-China Review
Spring 2014

Yale-China will convene a conference titled “Looking is Not Seeing and Listening is Not Hearing” at Xiangya School of Medicinte from June 4–6, 2014 based on the cross-discipline research of Yale professors Linda H. Pellico from Yale School of Nursing and Thomas C. Duffy from the Yale School of Music. The report below describes the research that serves as the basis for the conference

Most people are happy to tell you the name of their current favorite song. If you prod them,  some will sing a few bars of the chorus or verse of the: song. Even if they are in a crowded mall full of random sounds, ears will immediately prick up when those first familiar notes cut through the cacophony. MORE

Published June 12, 2014
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