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Meet the Teaching Artists of the Week: Patrick Jankowski ’15 MMA, Jonathan Slade ’15 AD

This year, over 50 Yale School of Music students—about 25% of the YSM student body—are working as Teaching Artists in schools through the Music in Schools Initiative. But what is a Teaching Artist?

The Teaching Artist program is the in-school component of the Music in Schools Initiative, an ongoing partnership between the Yale School of Music and the New Haven Public Schools, with funding from the Yale College Class of 1957. During the academic year, the Music in Schools Initiative places Teaching Artists in more than 30 public schools throughout New Haven. By our definition, Teaching Artists are YSM students trained to complement the work of full-time NHPS music teachers. They teach sectionals, ensembles, private lessons, and other activities depending on the needs of the school to which they are assigned.

After he matches Teaching Artists to their schools at the beginning of the year, Rubén Rodríguez, Lead Teacher of the Music in Schools Initiative, regularly visits and observes (and occasionally photographs) them at work. Based on his observations, we will be featuring 1–2 of our Teaching Artists each week and sharing some of their experiences.


Published January 9, 2014
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