Martin Jean reappointed as Director of ISM


University President Richard Levin announced last month that Professor Martin Jean has been reappointed as the Director of the Institute of Sacred Music for a second five-year term, beginning January 1, 2010.

Levin noted that faculty and staff alike expressed enthusiastic support for Professor Jean’s reappointment.  One commentator noted, “His four years show him to have a passion for the work of the Institute, and the ability not only to administer its programs but to lead it toward a fuller realization of its mission.” Another stated, “In the years that Martin has been director, he has helped to shift the Institute’s focus to further enhance the students’ academic and performance lives, and their lives in the greater ISM community.” Many praised his efforts to develop a strategic plan for the Institute’s future. In a letter addressing the ISM community, Prof. Jean said: “I am honored to accept President Levin’s offer to serve as Director of the ISM for another five-year term.” MORE

Published December 21, 2009
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