Saturday Seminar to explore the role of technology

The next Saturday Seminar of the 2011–2012 academic year will take place on February 4. The topic will be The Role of Technology.

Led by Astrid Baumgardner, the coordinator of YSM’s new Career Strategies Office, the seminar will feature three guest panelists: Greg Anderson, Anya Grundmann, and Jessica Lustig. The seminar begins at 11 am on the stage of Morse Recital Hall.

Greg Anderson (left) is a 2008 School of Music graduate and one half of the technologically and musically innovative Anderson & Roe Piano Duo.

Anya Grundmann (pictured at right) is Executive Producer of NPR Music, the part of the network that develops and presents music on a variety of radio and online platforms.

Jessica Lustig, Managing Director and Founding Partner of 21C Media Group, was the more project architect of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra concert last March that was viewed by 34 million people.

All three guest speakers work in areas that blend music and technology in new and interesting ways. The use of technology and new media has become an increasingly important part of the broad fields of music and the arts, and many artists employ these technologies to broaden their audience, connect with their fans, and promote their careers.

“Our first seminar in September was a great success,” said Associate Dean Michael Yaffe, “and I hope that students will take advantage of this next session.”

Students must register for the Saturday Seminar in advance. Registration is now open.

Published January 20, 2012
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Saturday Seminar Addresses the Future of Symphony Orchestras

Jesse Rosen

In collaboration with YSM’s newly established Career Strategies Office, associate dean Michael Yaffe announced the first Saturday Seminar of the 2011-2012 school year. The seminar will address The Future of Orchestras and will take place Saturday, September 24th from 1:00-2:30pm on the stage of Morse Recital Hall in Sprague Hall.

The series of Saturday Seminars offers a valuable opportunity for YSM students to connect with leaders in the arts field and discuss the most important issues facing musicians today.

Designed with orchestral students in mind, the session will address The Future of Orchestras. The seminar will be led by Astrid Baumgardner and will feature Jesse Rosen, Anne-Marie Soulliere, and Carolyn Kuan.

Carolyn Kuan

The event is now open for registration. Students can register online by clicking HERE.

Astrid Baumgardner, an attorney and certified professional life coach, is the coordinator of YSM’s Career Strategies Office. Jesse Rosen, President and CEO of the League of American Orchestras, made an important speech on “Orchestras at the Crossroads” at this summer’s LAO conference. Anne-Marie Soulliere, a member of the YSM Board of Visitors, is the president of Fidelity Foundations. Carolyn Kuan was recently named music director and conductor for the Hartford Symphony Orchestra and has worked with many other orchestras and festivals.

All four guests have spent time thinking about how orchestras can adapt to thrive in our modern world.

With the recent failure and bankruptcy of several important American orchestras, many in the field are exploring new and innovative models to ensure the future success of orchestras. This seminar will be valuable for all students considering orchestral careers after graduation. It  is also an opportunity to make contact with three significant leaders in the field.

Published September 6, 2011
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Saturday Seminar 3/26: Navigating New Media and Digital Rights

On Saturday, March 26, the Yale School of Music will host a Saturday Seminar featuring James Kendrick, a highly respected copyright lawyer and leader in the wider conversation on new media. Kendrick will be joined by composer Aaron Jay Kernis, a faculty member at the School of Music. The seminar will take place from 11 am to 1 pm on the stage of Morse Recital Hall in Sprague Hall (470 College Street).

This special workshop will tackle issues associated with website development, as well as legal concerns related to sharing performances and compositions on the internet. Said Associate Dean Michael Yaffe, “Every musician needs to be well versed in these topics, and we are fortunate to have a guest speaker with Mr. Kendrick’s experience joining Professor Kernis for this seminar.”

YSM students are encouraged to participate, and the public can watch the live stream of the seminar HERE.

The Saturday Seminars at the Yale School of Music are dedicated to the topic of career development for musicians. In these workshop sessions, students will have the opportunity to interact with both their peers and experts in the field on a variety of issues related to pursuing careers in music. These seminars will take the form of lively discussions that will explore important questions all student musicians should consider as they look toward the future.

Topic: Navigating New Media and Digital Rights
Led by:  Aaron Jay Kernis and James Kendrick
When: Saturday, March 26th from 11am-1pm
Where: on the stage of Morse Recital Hall in Sprague Hall

Yale students can register online HERE.

Published March 23, 2011
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Saturday Seminar Nov. 6: How Does Community Engagement Fit Into Your Career Path?

On Saturday, November 6 the Yale School of Music will host a Saturday Seminar featuring three dynamic musicians and industry leaders: Visiting Professor Brian Lewis, with River Oaks Chamber Orchestra founder Alecia Lawyer and 2006 YSM graduate Paul Murphy, principal trumpet of CityMusic Cleveland. Their workshop will focus on Community Engagement as not only a vital, but a necessary skill for any career in music and the arts.

We call it Community Engagement instead of Community Outreach because of the engagement between and among audiences and performers. Musicians do not just reach out with their music; they engage all audiences, ages, and cultures through their performances. This event will discuss steps the panelists took to be successful in their own performance careers and the innovative choices they made and programs they created to deeply tie their art to their community.

It is not enough to simply play an instrument well.  Community Engagement is THE skill musicians need for every aspect of their future careers.

How Does Community Engagement Fit Into Your Career Path, and What Does it Mean Anyway?

Led by: Brian Lewis with Alecia Lawyer and Paul Murphy

When: Saturday, November 6th, 11 am – 1 pm

Where: on the stage of Morse Recital Hall in Sprague Hall

Registration HERE

Watch Saturday Seminars live and on demand HERE

If you attend only one Saturday Seminar this year, make it this one – it could change your whole way of thinking about career development. Register for the Saturday Seminar now.

Published November 4, 2010
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Saturday Seminars for 2010-11 kick off September 25

Event explores financial management and music entrepreneurship

James Remis

This Saturday, September 25, the School of Music will host the first Saturday Seminar of the 2010-2011 school year. This workshop, led by Astrid Baumgardner and James Remis, will focus on financial matters related to music entrepreneurship. The presenters will discuss practical career considerations and the variety of options open to students as they enter the profession. In addition, they will discuss and answer questions about the financial and tax implications of various kinds of work in music. This seminar will be of great value to anyone considering a career as a musician. The seminar is open to graduate students in the Yale School of Music.

Astrid Baumgartner

Topic: Financial Management for the Young Musician: How to Become a Music Entrepreneur and Create a Sustainable Career

Led by: Astrid Baumgardner and James Remis

When: Saturday, September 25th from 11am-1pm

Where: on the stage of Morse Recital Hall in Sprague Hall

Register online HERE.

The session will be interactive, and will give students the opportunity to ask questions of two experts in the field of financial management and career development.

The seminar will be streamed live and on demand for those unable to attend.

Published September 22, 2010
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YSM launches new Community Engagement Think Tanks

The Yale School of Music is pleased to launch its new Community Engagement Think Tanks, in which visiting lecturers will bring their expertise to small-group conversations with graduate students in music.

The Community Engagement Think Tanks are designed to focus on broad topics led by recognized leaders in the field of classical music. Each Think Tank will pose a series of questions intended to spark discussion among participating students and visiting lecturers.

Topics covered will include vital issues such as audience development, marketing, education programs, technology, and new ways to present concerts. This is an important opportunity for Yale School of Music students to engage with experts in the field and help create solutions to issues relevant to classical music in the twenty-first century. Getting the broader community engaged in this work is part of the School’s goal of shaping the field of classical music and ensuring its success in the coming years. MORE

Published October 7, 2009
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