2019 Convocation Sanford Medal

2019 Convocation

Faculty composter Martin Bresnick was awarded the Samuel Simons Sanford Medal, the School’s highest honor, at Convocation 2019, which celebrated the School’s 125th anniversary. The presentation of the Sanford Medal reflected the larger moment, calling on the School’s history by way of the award’s namesake, professor and patron Samuel Simons Sanford. The award presentation recognized the work of one of the School’s most respected and important faculty members, composer Martin Bresnick, among whose former students are several current faculty colleagues. “I know of no one who is truer to his own belief and truer to his own heart than Martin,” Blocker said, referring to Bresnick as a “master teacher.” “When the student is ready,” Bresnick said, “the teacher appears. I was happy to appear.”