Why Music?

Overture to YSM

“Why Music?” is an inspirational video celebrating the Yale School of Music’s mission of cultivating and sharing great music. The video weaves YSM’s programs and history into a cinematic symphony that combines a world-class original soundtrack by Emmy-winning alum Garth Neustadter ’12MM, gorgeous cinematography, and dazzling visual effects. It was written, directed, and scored entirely by graduates and current students of Yale University, and features musicians from a variety of YSM Ensembles, both onscreen and in the soundtrack.

Written and Directed by: Austin Kase (austinkase.com)
Original Score/Recording Engineer/Audio Mix by: Garth Neustadter (garthneustadter.com)
Animation/VFX: finally. studio (finally-studio.com)
Director of Photography: Chase Bowman (chasebowman.com)
Produced by: David B. Easton
Assistant Producer: Stephanie Weinraub
Colorist: Chris Pepperman
Production Designer: Sidney Johnson (sidneyerinjohnson.com)
2nd Unit DP: Douglas Emmett (dougemmett.com)

Special Thanks:
Dean Robert Blocker
Christopher Theofanidis
The Fred Plaut Recording Studio
Bill Brown
Jennie Brown
Monica Ong Reed
Dana Astmann
Michael Yaffe