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Master of Musical Arts

The following information applies only to those students enrolled in the M.M.A. program in 2013–2014. Those interested in a doctoral program should apply directly to the D.M.A. program.

The Master of Musical Arts degree program will be updated for students applying for the fall of 2015. Please check this page for updated information on the M.M.A. application guidelines.

The Master of Musical Arts degree is conferred on candidates who successfully complete two years (normally 18 hours per term) of predoctoral studies required for the Doctor of Musical Arts degree. The program provides intensive training in the student’s major field—performance, conducting, or composition—supported by studies in theoretical and historical subjects. Individual courses of study will be assembled as recommended by the individual department, the advisory committee, and the director of the M.M.A. program. M.M.A. candidates are also required to enroll in the M.M.A. Seminar for three terms.

Degree requirements include public presentation of recitals and/or compositions during each year of the student’s residence. An M.M.A. thesis, as well as a public lecture based on the thesis, is required of all candidates. A thesis prospectus must be submitted to the M.M.A. committee for approval at the end of the candidate’s first term in the M.M.A. Seminar. Candidates are required to pass comprehensive written and oral examinations during their last term in residence. All internal candidates must earn a minimum of 108 term hours (36 beyond the School of Music M.M. degree requirement), maintain an average grade of B, and be recommended for the degree by the faculty of the School of Music. All programs in the School of Music require that students earn a grade of B or better each term in both Individual Instruction in the Major and Seminar in the Major. Students who receive a grade lower than a B in either course will be placed on probation. On the recommendation of the M.M.A. examining committee and with the approval of the faculty, the degree of Master of Musical Arts may be awarded with distinction.