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Inside YSM: Dana Kelley, Argus Quartet

We recently asked new Argus Quartet violist Dana Kelley about her experience joining a quartet whose other three members have been playing together for three and a half years.

"The process of joining a pre-existing quartet has been both exciting and challenging," she said. "On one hand, it's great to jump into a group that is already in motion. The other three members, Jason, Clara, and Joann, know each other very well and understand each other's musical tendencies and preferences. They've also had the opportunity to experiment with rehearsal techniques and develop a group sound, as well as create an image and goals for the quartet. Being able to become a part of Argus after much of the groundwork has been laid has been a privilege for me. 

"On the other hand," Dana said, "I am now adding my own personal and musical quirks to the equation. I only met the other three members recently, so we are learning not only how to play music together, but also how to communicate and get along with one another. Fortunately, I felt immediately welcome upon joining Argus. They've even tolerated my offbeat humor so far! Every rehearsal and performance has been a chance for us to learn more about and understand one another. String quartet playing is so much about the unspoken bonds and the development of trust between the musicians; the more time we spend together, the stronger these bonds will become."