Norfolk Chamber Music Festival–Yale Summer School of Music

Chamber Choir + Choral Conducting Workshop

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are sorry to announce it is necessary to cancel this summer’s Chamber Choir and Choral Conducting Workshop with Simon Carrington. We are all now looking forward to summer 2022 when the Music Shed will once again be filled with the enchanting sounds of choral music.

In the meantime, we hope you will join our mailing list to be notified when the next round of applications is available. The 2022 Chamber Choir and Choral Conducting Workshop will be held from August 14 – 20.  Mark your calendars!


World-renowned choral conductor Simon Carrington leads a workshop for advanced singers and choral conductors accompanied by an outstanding chamber ensemble. Repertoire includes music from the Renaissance to brand-new works of the 21st century. The week culminates in a concert held in the acoustically superb Music Shed, where conductors have the opportunity to direct instrumental and choral ensembles. 

Each conducting applicant must be accepted as a singer first. All accepted conductors sing in the Workshop’s chamber choir. Singers invited to the Workshop will receive an Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship covering the full cost of tuition, housing, and meals. Conductors receive a Fellowship covering the cost of housing and meals.

All workshop sessions, as well as the final concert, are audio and video recorded. The final concert is livestreamed on the Norfolk website.


I really had the most fulfilling experience at Norfolk—not just musically, everyone involved created the most supportive environment that made the experience so unique. The choir was sensational, full of the most thoughtful musicians.
Emily Donato, soprano (Norfolk '19)  



Singing + Conducting
"I hadn’t anticipated how much it would help, but it’s important to the success of the week.” (Quintin Beer, Norfolk '19)
Selections from the Norfolk Choral Festival 2019 concert

Selections from the 2019 Chamber Choir + Choral Conducting Concert

A choir rehearsing in the Music Shed.

Excerpt from Andrew Carter's Silver Spring Magnificat | Norfolk Chamber Music Festival

A conductor directing a choir at the Music Shed.

Rommereim's Amara (Breath of Grace)

Past Repertoire
View past workshop repertoire.