Norfolk Chamber Music Festival–Yale Summer School of Music

New Music Workshop

June 20–29, 2024

Applications are no longer being accepted for summer 2024.

Under the direction of composer Martin Bresnick, the New Music Workshop nurtures a philosophy of equal collaboration between composers and performers under the supervision of distinguished resident composers and Festival artists. The workshop is interactive in the truest sense, focusing on the process of musical creation and collaboration from concept to concert. Each composer will write a short work and collaborate with performers over the course of the workshop.

The 2024 Workshop is open to composers, mezzo soprano, flute, bassoon, horn, guitar (doubling acoustic and electric), piano, and viola.

Fellows take part in a rigorous regimen of coachings, masterclasses, and rehearsals culminating in a a performance at the end of the workshop. Ample time is allowed for composing and practice. Each workshop participant will receive an Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship covering the full cost of tuition, housing, and meals. All compositions will be workshopped, performed, and recorded.  Scroll down for application information.

Festival Artists
Martin Bresnick

Martin Bresnick

Charles T. Wilson Professor in the Practice of Composition, Yale School of Music
Director, New Music Workshop, Norfolk Chamber Music Festival
Photo of Lisa Moore.

Lisa Moore

Piano, Conductor, Festival Artist, Norfolk Chamber Music Festival

Paul Novak: Composition, Collaboration, and Conversation

Paul Novak

For Paul Novak, a 2023 New Music Fellow, composing music is so much more than writing notes on the page: it’s about community, conversation, and collaboration. This is why summers spent traveling, meeting new people, and attending festivals are his favorite part of the job, and his time at Norfolk is no exception. 



How To Apply

The Norfolk Chamber Music Festival–Yale Summer School of Music will accept participants on the basis of ability and supporting materials. Applications will be accepted for composers, mezzo soprano, flute, bassoon, horn, acoustic guitar (doubling electric guitar), piano, and viola.

Applications are no longer being accepted for summer 2024.

Session + Application Fee

Application fee: $80 (non-refundable)

Registration fee: $300 (refundable)

  • The registration fee is due upon acceptance of the fellowship.
  • The registration fee is refundable after completion of the program subject to deductions in the event of damage or loss to any property, non-compliance with any Festival policies, and successful completion of work-study assignments.

All participants will receive an Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship covering the full cost of tuition, housing, and meals.

Requirement Checklist

All materials must be received by the deadline listed above. A complete application must include:

1. Online application form   
Applications are no longer being accepted for summer 2024.
The application includes sections where you will upload all of your application materials. Applications can be started, and then saved to be continued at a later time.

2. Audition recordings

Composers: Audio or video recordings of three works must be uploaded as part of the application.

Instrumentalists: Only video recordings are accepted. See Audition Repertoire section for more information on repertoire.

3. Two letters of recommendation
On the application, you will provide your recommenders’ email addresses. Each will receive an automatic email with instructions on how to complete their recommendation. Letters must be written after January 1, 2023.

4. Repertoire list

Composers: A list of works (including instrumentation) you have written. Please note if the work has been performed, coached, and/or rehearsed.

Instrumentalists: A list of works (with composers) you have performed, coached and/or rehearsed.

5. Résumé or CV
Résumé or CV should reflect your experience and studies as a composer or instrumentalist. It is helpful to include such information as schools attended, private teachers, performance experiences, music festival experiences, and teaching experiences.

6. Non-refundable $80 application fee
Once the online application is submitted, you will be prompted to submit the application fee.

In addition to all items above, composers must also submit:
7. Scores of three works
Scores must be uploaded as part of the application. Mailed scores will not be accepted.


Audition Repertoire

Instrumentalists and composers will audition for the New Music Workshop via recording only. Live auditions will not be held.

The works listed below are recommended repertoire. Repertoire should demonstrate variety and flexibility. A recent recital video may be substituted if the program falls roughly within the guidelines listed below. 

Note about recordings: Files must be uploaded as part of the application. Video uploaded to YouTube will be accepted. Recordings of poor quality will not be evaluated. 

If you have any questions about repertoire or the technical requirements, please email or call the Norfolk office at 860 542-3000.

Upload scores and recordings of three works. Scores submitted by mail will not be returned.

Two 20th/21st century works and one non-20th/21st century work. Whenever possible, performers should include an additional sample of chamber music.


Candidates will be notified on or before March 31, 2024, about the status of their application and audition results. 

A refundable registration fee of $300 must be paid by credit card within 10 days of acceptance to secure one’s position. The fee will be refunded after completion of the program subject to deductions in the event of damage or loss to any property, or non-compliance with any Festival policies. All fees are required upon acceptance of fellowship.

Fees must be paid by credit card: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted. Cash and checks are not accepted.


Call 860.542.3000 Or Email

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