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Come visit the University’s historic campus and experience what life at Yale has to offer.

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Interested in visiting the Yale School of Music? Fill out a request form! While we don’t offer formal tours, a member of the admissions staff would be happy to meet with you as time permits. Yale does not track campus visits or contact with our admissions staff for application evaluations.

Yale Visitor Center

Throughout the year, Yale welcomes numerous visitors from around the world to its beautiful New Haven campus. While tours of the School of Music are only available by request, guided tours of the larger Yale campus are organized daily by the Yale Visitor Center.

Parking in New Haven

Accessible parking spaces on campus and in downtown New Haven aren’t hard to find. There are lots around campus operated by Yale Parking Services along with numerous parking garages that are not operated by the University. YPS also makes guest passes available for purchase. There is metered street parking throughout the downtown area. 

about new haven
From its bustling downtown area to its idyllic hiking paths, New Haven is full of rich dining options, world-famous pizza, museums, cultural centers, and more.