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Student Employment

The School of Music and University offers students several employment options throughout their time at Yale. Check this page frequently for areas that are hiring and other opportunities.

Admissions and Alumni Affairs

Admissions and Alumni Affairs Office Assistant

Reporting to the YSM Admissions and Alumni Affairs Coordinator, the assistant will work on various projects for both Admissions and Alumni Affairs. Projects may include alumni data management (update contact information, track of career paths, etc.) drafting e-newsletters, and other necessary tasks related to alumni engagement. The assistant will also help with admissions where needed, particularly in preparation for auditions in February. 

Contact: Megan Doran,

Hours: 6-10 hours a week (often more around audition season)

Wage: $13.50/hour


Audition Assistant

During YSM audition week (mid-late February each year), assist prospective students in the following ways: checking in/greeting auditioning students, providing directions, monitoring practice rooms and audition spaces, leading YSM tours, and more.

Contact: Megan Doran,

Hours: *temporary work* approx. 10 hours during audition week

Wage: $13.50/hour


Poster Distribution (FILLED)

Print, install, distribute, and remove School of Music posters throughout the Yale campus. The student is required to walk, climb a ladder, and work both inside and outside (weather permitting).

Contact: Jenny Reed,

Hours: 2-5 hours a week

Wage: $13.50/hour

Concert Office

Concert Office Assistant

Relay accurate concert-related information to customers over the phone, email, and in person, in a friendly and professional manner. Assist customers with ticket orders using Tessitura software. Assist with other administrative needs around the office. Occasional box office evening work for performances during the academic year. May assist with drafting and proofing concert programs and other publications.

Requirements: Exceptional phone and customer service skills. Data entry skills. Ability to keep track of complex policies and varied offerings. Reliability & punctuality. Must be available at least 3-5 hours weekly for daytime shifts, plus some evening concert shifts. Interest in and knowledge of music is helpful, but not required. Experience using Tessitura and/or Adobe Creative Suite preferred, but not required; training is provided.

Contact: Kate Gonzales,

Hours: 3-5 hours a week, plus evening concert shifts

Wage: $13.50/hour


Concert Programs Worker

Draft, proof, and track the production of concert programs and other publications using Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite. Ensure all concert information is accurate, properly formatted, and consistent with YSM house style.

Job requirements: Strong proofreading ability, high attention to detail. Detailed knowledge of English grammar required, basic understanding of other common written languages a plus. Interest in and knowledge of music preferred. Reliability and punctuality. Must be available at least 3-5 hours weekly for daytime shifts (highest demand is in mid-late spring semester). Experience using Adobe Creative Suite preferred, but not required; training is provided. Project management skills a plus.

Contact: Kate Gonzales,

Hours: 3-5 hours a week

Wage: $13.50/hour

Music in Schools Initiative

Teaching Artist

MISI Teaching Artists work in collaboration with New Haven Public School educators to mentor music students in Haven both in schools and after-school programs. In the context of private lessons and small-group lessons, Teaching Artists serve to empower their students as they develop their technique, musicality, and creativity. Disciplines include voice, woodwind, brass, strings (including guitar), percussion, and composition.

Contact: Rubén Rodríguez, rubén.rodrí

Hours: 1-9 hours a week based on availability

Wage: $25/hour


Stage Managers

Be responsible for opening and closing designated halls on the day of a performance. Act as liaison between performers and the School of Music. Oversee ushers working the concert. To streamline the hiring process, this position does not have a separate application. Applicants to other operational positions may be contacted about open positions.


Hours: Vary

Wage: $14.30/hour



Provide customer service to entering audience members at School of Music Events. To streamline the hiring process, this position does not have a separate application. Applicants to other operational positions may be contacted about open positions.


Hours: Vary

Wage: $13.50/hour


Operations Assistant

Assist the Operations Office with day-to-day operations. To streamline the hiring process, this position does not have a separate application. Applicants to other operational positions may be contacted about open positions.


Hours: Vary

Wage: $15.15/hour

Yale Philharmonia/New Music New Haven

Orchestra Librarian

The Orchestra Librarian will be expected to:

  • Staff the library at designated hours
  • Copy and bind music
  • Mark bowings on string parts
  • Organize/sort music
  • Distribute parts to assigned players for each concert series
  • Distribute music and concert folders before each concert series
  • Collect music and folders after concerts
  • Print and bind parts for NMNH concert series


  • Excellent organizational skills and familiarity with music
  • Experience working in orchestra library preferred but not required

Contact: Samuel Bobinski,

Hours: 4-10 hours a week


Stage Crew

Set up and tear down Yale Philharmonia/NMNH set up one hour before and after each rehearsal and performance. Transport instruments and equipment between rehearsal locations.


  • Experience with or interest in music or event production preferred but not required
  • Must be flexible, have a great attitude, and be able to work as a member of a team
  • Some heavy lifting; must be able to move fragile and awkwardly-shaped equipment and instruments
  • Available shifts are: Tuesday/Thursday 1:30-2:30 p.m. and 5:15-6:15 p.m.; Friday 12-1 p.m. and 3:30-4:30 p.m.; plus a few evenings per month

Contact: Samuel Bobinski,

Hours: 4-10 hours a week

Secondary/Undergraduate Lesson Teacher

Provide six hours of instruction per semester (in their primary instrument) to fellow YSM and ISM students who wish to take lessons in a secondary instrument for credit. Teachers are expected to plan each lesson and submit a weekly report of lessons taught, detailing the teaching material. At the end of each semester, secondary lesson teachers submit a grade report for each student. Secondary lesson teachers may also be assigned to teach undergraduate lessons, which are either 6 or 10 hours per semester. 

Application: All students will receive an application from the Director of Secondary Lessons prior to the start of the academic year for YSM students interested in teaching. All secondary/undergraduate lesson teachers must be approved by their major teacher and the Director of Secondary Lessons. 

Contact: Professor Kyung Yu, Director of Secondary Lessons,


  • Graduate secondary lessons: 6 hours per semester
  • Undergraduate credit lessons: 10 hours per semester 
  • Non-credit lessons: either 6 or 10 hours per semester, available to students from other graduate and professional schools, and undergraduates

Wage: $25/hour

Teaching Assistants

The Academic Studies Area solicits applications for a limited number of teaching assistants in Music History and Analysis & Musicianship each year. Positions are open to returning students in the MM and MMA degree programs. Responsibilities include classroom teaching as well as logistical support of faculty instructors. In addition to a general aptitude for teaching, TAs in Analysis & Musicianship should be able to demonstrate music-analytic concepts fluently, while TAs in Music History should be able to work productively with student prose. 

Application: The Coordinator for Academic Studies will communicate the application procedure to eligible students during the spring semester.

Contact: Professor Paul Berry, Coordinator for Academic Studies,

Hours: For purposes of accounting (which is especially important for international students), positions are defined as 10 hours per week; actual hours may vary over the course of the semester, with a rough average of no more than 10 hours per week. 

Wage: $2,500 per semester

Student Collaborative Pianist

Paid collaborating for recitals, masterclasses, lessons, etc. from work-study or casual wage funds may be taken on by piano majors. After pianists have completed at least one recital credit at YSM, they may only receive work-study compensation for accompaniment that has been assigned by the collaborative piano coordinator. When additional pianists are needed, the collaborative piano coordinator will contact students who are interested in a paid event. Information on tracking hours and obtaining payment is available from the collaborative piano coordinator. There is a maximum of 10 work-study hours available per recital. Interested students may contact the collaborative piano coordinator.

International Students

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Please note that visa-holding students may work “on campus” up to 20 hours per week (each week) when school is in session.

Gig and Community Lessons


YSM students may sign up to receive email notifications about performing or teaching opportunities. The gig list and community lessons registration is available on ArtsVision. Students are not compensated through Yale.

Yale Student Employment