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Creative Technologies

Refine your sound with cutting-edge recording, production, and digital-composition technologies.

The Center for Studies in Music Technology

The Center for Studies in Music Technology, known as CSMT (pronounced “kismet”), is located in the basement of Sprague Memorial Hall and is home to a recording studio and a computer lab with the latest state-of-the-art recording and composition software. CSMT was designed by musicians for musicians, with the goal of providing Yale School of Music students a practical and theoretical knowledge base in music technology. 

CSMT allows students to design their own interactive education. Many student composers and performers use CSMT’s resources for various projects, including performances with electronics.


Media Production

The School’s Media Production department provides professional recording and livestreaming services for students, faculty, alumni, and other Yale University partners. The Media Production department also records and livestreams more than 200 concerts, recitals, and events each year.

School of Music students should consult ArtsVision and their Student Handbooks for more information about the Media Production department’s services and classroom technology.


Center for Collaborative Arts and Media

The Center for Collaborative Arts and Media is an interdisciplinary arts center that bridges diverse disciplines and fosters critical inquiry, discourse, production, and research at the intersections of visual art, computer science, music, architecture, film and video, theater and dance, and literature. The Center supports interdisciplinary arts research with an open-door policy to all Yale students.

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