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Campus + Facilities

YSM has spaces specially created for musicians’ needs.

Students practice, rehearse, and study in Hendrie Hall, take classes and lessons in Leigh Hall, and perform in Morse Recital Hall in Sprague Memorial Hall, among other venues.

Spaces at YSM

Practice, study, and perform in the Yale School of Music’s recently renovated and expanded facilities.

Sprague Memorial Hall + Morse Recital Hall

Sprague Memorial Hall, located at the corner of College and Wall streets, is home to many of the Yale School of Music’s most important resources. The Center for Studies in Music Technology (CSMT) and practice rooms are located on the basement floor; the admissions, business, concert, and registrar’s offices and the Fred Plaut Recording Studio are located on the first floor; and Morse Recital Hall is on the second and third floors.

Leigh Hall

Abby and Mitch Leigh Hall, located at 435 College St., is home to numerous faculty studios, the offices of the Dean, and classrooms that also serve as rehearsal spaces. 


Parker Recital Hall 

Parker Recital Hall, on the fourth floor of Leigh Hall, is an intimate hall used for informal student recitals, YSM classes, lectures, workshops, and other events. It can also be reserved by students for practice, rehearsal, or recording.

Adams Center for Musical Arts + Hendrie Hall

After an extensive two-year renovation project, Hendrie Hall reopened in January 2017 as part of the new Adams Center for Musical Arts, which connects Hendrie to Leigh Hall. The renovations reimagined existing rooms and created more practice rooms and faculty studios, as well as two entirely new spaces: a stunning three-story orchestra rehearsal room and a student commons where YSM and Yale College students gather.

Shared by the Yale School of Music and Yale College, the spaces in Hendrie hall are home to the Yale Philharmonia, Yale Opera, and Yale Percussion Group, and the undergraduate Yale Symphony Orchestra, Yale Glee Club, and Yale Bands.

Classroom Technology + Media Production

At Yale, it’s easy to get high-quality recordings of your rehearsals and performances. With the Center for Studies in Music Technology, the School's Media Production department, and other campus resources, students can gain a practical and theoretical knowledge base in music technology. 

School of Music students should consult ArtsVision for more information about the Media Production department’s services and classroom technology.


Creative technologies at YSM

piano services
The School of Music offers piano services to pianos that have been damaged or may not be functioning properly across Yale's campus.

Campus Services

Find out more about health care, safety, and transportation at Yale.

Yale Health

yale health

The Yale Health Center, located at 55 Lock St., provides gynecological, mental health, and pediatric services, among others. The center is home to a pharmacy and various laboratories, including a Diagnostic Imaging department. All students are automatically enrolled in Yale Health Basic Coverage and can make appointments at Yale Health for free in the Student Health, Gynecology, Student Wellness, and Mental Health & Counseling departments. Full-time students will be asked to waive or enroll in Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage. 

Yale Well

yale well

Yale Well provides many resources to keep your mind, body, and spirit in tip-top shape. This web-based guide to wellness at Yale includes information about healthy exercise, eating, sleeping, work, money, and personal relationship habits, mindfulness practices, and links to religious and spiritual support networks.


Payne Whitney Gymnasium

The Payne-Whitney Gym is a great resource for those seeking increased physical wellness and its world-class facilities are free for Yale students. The gym has entire rooms dedicated to specific sports, as well as many types of physical education classes.


Campus Safety

The Yale Public Safety Department is dedicated to helping students stay safe around New Haven. Resources provided by the department include the Bulldog Mobile (LiveSafe) app, which allows students to use their phone as personal security devices and is downloadable from the Yale Public Safety website. Public safety officers can serve as walking escorts accompanying students, faculty, and staff over a reasonable walking distance from one area on campus to another.

In the case of an emergency, students can use Yale’s Blue Phones, which are located around campus and have bright blue lights on or above them. All phones are equipped with red emergency buttons for direct connection to the University Police for police, fire, or medical emergencies, and many also have a keypad for dialing campus numbers. 



LiveSafe is an app that gives students, staff, and faculty on campus an effective way to communicate with Yale Police (YPD) and complete their COVID-19 daily health check via a mobile device. With LiveSafe, you can use your smart phone as a personal security device to provide the YPD with accurate information about yourself and your GPS location. Your location and information is ONLY shared with YPD when you use the Emergency Options button or the Report Tips button within the app.

livesafe app


Nighttime Safe Rides

Nighttime Safe Rides are available from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am to take you door-to-door within the campus boundary. A University shuttle will be dispatched to your location and will drop you to your final on-campus destination. It is advisable to request the service at least 30 minutes prior to the intended departure time, and even earlier, during high-demand hours such as late nights or weekends.

Safe Rides


Lock Out Assistance


Lockout services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are locked out, please call our Central Alarm Station at 203-785-5555. A uniformed security officer will be dispatched to your location to provide this service. 

Lock Out




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Members of the Yale community have free access to Yale’s transportation services, which include the all-day shuttle system and the nighttime Safe Ride shuttle service.

The Yale Shuttle system runs seven days a week and provides easy and convenient transportation between the University, the East Rock neighborhood, and New Haven train stations. After 6 p.m., nighttime shuttles provide off-route drop-offs in addition to their scheduled stops.

Between 6 p.m. and 1 a.m., students can schedule rides with the Safe Ride door-to-door shuttle service by calling 203 432-6330 or using the TapRide app.


yale shuttle

SHARE Center

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SHARE, the Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Education Center, is located on the lower level of the Yale Health Center and provides professional help to members of the Yale community who wish to discuss any experience of sexual misconduct involving themselves or someone they care about. SHARE has resources available for medical and health issues, as well as 24/7 counseling services.

Campus Security Information

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In accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act) as well as other applicable federal and state laws, the University publishes an annual campus security and fire safety report. This report contains three years’ worth of campus crime statistics concerning crimes committed within the geographical limits of the University as defined by the Clery Act; security policy statements; fire safety information; and a description of where students, faculty and staff should go to report crimes. The fire safety section of the annual report contains information on current fire safety procedures and if any fires occurred within an on campus student housing facility. You may request a copy from the Office of Administration, P.O. Box 208322, New Haven, CT 06520-8230, or by contacting Yale Public Safety at 203-432-4400.