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Campus + Facilities

YSM has spaces specially created for musicians’ needs.

Students practice, rehearse, and study in Hendrie Hall, take classes and lessons in Leigh Hall, and perform in Morse Recital Hall in Sprague Memorial Hall, among other venues.

Spaces at YSM

Practice, study, and perform in the Yale School of Music’s recently renovated and expanded facilities.

Sprague Memorial Hall + Morse Recital Hall

Sprague Memorial Hall, located at the corner of College and Wall streets, is home to many of the Yale School of Music’s most important resources. The Center for Studies in Music Technology (CSMT) and practice rooms are located on the basement floor; the admissions, business, concert, and registrar’s offices and the Fred Plaut Recording Studio are located on the first floor; and Morse Recital Hall is on the second and third floors.

Leigh Hall

Abby and Mitch Leigh Hall, located at 435 College St., is home to numerous faculty studios, the offices of the Dean, and classrooms that also serve as rehearsal spaces. 


Parker Recital Hall 

Parker Recital Hall, on the fourth floor of Leigh Hall, is an intimate hall used for informal student recitals, YSM classes, lectures, workshops, and other events. It can also be reserved by students for practice, rehearsal, or recording.

Adams Center for Musical Arts + Hendrie Hall

After an extensive two-year renovation project, Hendrie Hall reopened in January 2017 as part of the new Adams Center for Musical Arts, which connects Hendrie to Leigh Hall. The renovations reimagined existing rooms and created more practice rooms and faculty studios, as well as two entirely new spaces: a stunning three-story orchestra rehearsal room and a student commons where YSM and Yale College students gather.

Shared by the Yale School of Music and Yale College, the spaces in Hendrie hall are home to the Yale Philharmonia, Yale Opera, and Yale Percussion Group, and the undergraduate Yale Symphony Orchestra, Yale Glee Club, and Yale Bands.

piano services
The School of Music offers piano services to pianos that have been damaged or may not be functioning properly across Yale's campus.
Steinway piano situated in a practice room in the Adams Center for Musical Arts
campus + facilities

Practice Spaces

Students at the Yale School of Music have access to a variety of spaces for practice and rehearsals. For more information, please consult the YSM Bulletin.
Recording equipment in the Center for Studies in Music Technology
campus + facilities

Classroom Technology + Media Production

At Yale, it’s easy to get high-quality recordings of your rehearsals and performances. Current YSM students can find more information in ArtsVision and their student handbooks.