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Lauren Hunt brings in high horn honor

The Red & Black
By Will Robinson 

Lauren Hunt was never one to toot her own horn, except for when it counted.

Hunt, a doctoral student at the University of Georgia bested 52 other competitors from 21 states and 10 countries in the University Division of the International Horn Competition of America on Sept. 1.

Hunt’s goal for the horn competition was to make it past the first round, she said. There is not a set number that advances — judges pass whichever participants they feel meet the standard on to the second round. This year, Hunt was one of nine to make it to the second round. From there, Hunt advanced with two other participants to the third and final round. The piece she picked to perform from the final round’s set list of options was Concerto Number 2 by Richard Strauss.

“No performance is ever 100 percent,” Hunt said. “There were parts I knew I could have improved. I didn’t listen to the other performers, though, so I couldn’t judge myself comparatively.”

Whether it was 100 percent or not, Hunt’s performance was enough to win the competition.

Hunt began playing the cello at the age of four. Music was intertwined with Hunt’s upbringing, as her father was a professional musician.

“[My parents] definitely took the initiative and encouraged me to play,” Hunt said.

Hunt added the horn when she turned 11 years old but continued to play the cello. The cello was her instrument of choice until her freshman year of college. Hunt continued her musical studies at the New England Conservatory and Yale University.